I am telling you the truth. I will never, ever, ever learn. You see…I thought Brian was going to make a decision I didn’t agree with. AT ALL. Instead of praying about it and giving it to the Lord to take care of, I worried and fretted, bit my nails and ate junk, quit making his lunch and slept in, stopped blogging and read trashy books, giving baths and cleaning spit up.

Life goes on, even when we are annoyed with our significant other. One day, a wise, old lady (haha) told me to see what the Bible had to say on the subject. I took her advice, wishing I had called her sooner. I finally prayed about it. Then the hardest part, I tried really hard not to nag Brian about it.
Brian made his decision. One I can live with. One I agree with. One that makes me happy.

So, what lesson does God keep trying to teach me? Wait on Him. Just wait. And patience, I’m sure. Remember this?

That is what I say to Kate 5,892 times a day. I hold up one finger and say, “wait on Mommy.” She then proceeds to do whatever without me, almost always getting hurt or making a mess because she didn’t wait. That is me…always trying to DO things on my own. Impatient. Frustrated. Wanting things to be my way.

Just wait, God says to me, daily. Wait on Him. His way is not my way, and that is fo’ sho’.

I think He also wants me to realize that this is life, you know. We should be learning something every single day. Whether it be spiritual or practical.

On that note, I have also learned to CHECK ALL POCKETS before washing. I just recently washed a red pen with a load of Brian’s work clothes. I am so glad I had this on hand:

You can buy this at Dollar General for a whopping whole dollar. That is right, $1. It got all the red ink out of everything. Hallelujah!

So, a review:

  1. Wait on God.
  2. Pray about it. Don’t fret.
  3. Check pockets before washing.
It has been a rough week…let me tell you. I am so glad it is over. Well, it was over…I am just getting around to posting this now. Who knows what could be in store for this week. We’ll see, though, won’t we?

Happy Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “wait

  1. I just loooove your review!!! Totally cracked me up! Very practical and spiritual at the same time. As I continually wash tissues in everyone’s pockets, I really need to remember #3.

  2. First of all, great pictures of the kids! Hope your week goes better. I also tend to get upset quickly with my husband. I should exercise more patience and understanding. Some days, he makes it tough.

    Prayer does have so many answers for us.

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