the cow jumped over the moon


This is what false labor looks like:

I have thought 3 separate times that we were in labor. Every single time the contractions have stopped. So, yes. I am still with child. So, yesterday, I made this fabric art wall hanging thing that I keep putting off. For some reason, I have wanted a “cow jumping over the moon” picture. I have seen a few online, but none of them really “speak” to me. (HAHA.) For Christmas Brian bought me the Silhouette Cameo. It is a cutting machine. It cuts out anything. It is the neatest thing. You hook it up to your computer, get your picture, send to machine, and tada! It cuts it out. Granted, I might have simplified it just a bit, seeming as how every time I go to use it, I get just a tad bit frustrated. But, there is a learning curve, and I am pregnant.
But, anyway, what was I saying? I used my Cameo to cut out this cow. I did the rest using printed fabric that I already had.

Isn’t it adorable? The chickens are cheering the cow on.

I used this ugly canvas thing I bought when I was pregnant with  Kate. I don’t think I have ever hung it. I never liked it after I got it home. I covered it with fabric.

Added some rolling hills.

Ironed “wonder under” onto all the other pieces, then cut them out.

Ironed them onto the canvas, where I thought they should go.

Found some googly eyes for the cow, to make me laugh, admired it, called it “art”, then hung it over the baby’s bed.

Since I had everything on hand, it was practically free. I really like it. By the way, what do you think of the big, fat chicken? Doesn’t it just make you smile?

Well, I sure hope I have this baby before I get the urge to blog again, don’t you?

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