The Point

My life has been a series of really bad decisions mingled with a few good ones. I never seem to learn from my mistakes. I continue making the same ones over and over.

Since Kate was born, I see life so differently. I see the point. FINALLY! Aunt Sue is probably saying. She has been praying for me for years. I understand that my life isn’t about me. It is about my glorifying God.

I am going to use this blog in a way like my awesome cousin, Mary, uses hers. I follow hers and really enjoy it. I want to chronicle the “lessons” I learn. Whether they be spiritual or otherwise. I really enjoy writing, also. So, I am going to practice my writing skills here. One day when I have published many books, you can say, “I used to follow her blog. She is a very interesting person. Maybe I should buy one of her books. “

So, feel free to comment on anything here. I could use all the advice, criticism, encouragement, etc. I am really looking forward to this journey.

Jubal and Molly

In our pasture there is a mean old mule. He is the devil. Seriously. Or he is one of the devil’s demons put here to torment us.

Will I ever learn? Brian has told me countless times, “Christy, when you go into the pasture, take the gun.” Well, it is bulky and I feel stupid walking around the pasture with a gun. I would much rather take the camera. Well, Molly and I were walking along the pasture, without a gun (just like Andy) and out of NOWHERE comes Jubal, the mean old mule. He was running full speed at us. I began to scream like a little girl. Poor little Molly took off running, trying to get away. But Jubal had us pinned against the fence, and Molly ran right toward his sharp hooves. Molly got scraped a little bit on her leg. Her injury was slight compared to the horror my imagination created.

The point here is this, I didn’t take the gun when I should have. I could have easily prevented all of this drama by shooting in the air. The mule would have ran away. But, no. I didn’t want to carry it. How many times do I do what I want to do, instead of what I have been told to do?

So, will I learn my lesson? I hope so. From here on out, I will be walking the pastures with a gun on my hip.