Outdoor Wednesday

Winter doldrums and mommyhood does not go together.

Not at all, not at all.

I long for the days when it is warm. Thankfully, no rain today. Everyone else in the country is getting buffeted by blizzards while we are being drenched by monsoons.

The river behind our house after days of rain.

 Our creek feeds this river.

When it rains like this, our spring gets this muddy. So, the water in our house gets this muddy, sometimes. Like when it rains for 3 or 4 days straight. One day, this problem will be resolved. It is on the list. (Brian’s list, that he requested I make for him.) That list gets longer every day. Let me tell you. As Brian says, “Home ownership is overrated.” I love owning our house, though. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that if I want to paint a wall or hang a picture, I don’t have to worry about the owner.
I digress.
Winter doldrums….caused by too much time in the house because it is so very cold outside while everyone in the house has a runny nose, cough, and general feeling of malaise. 
I have been trying to get out and walk on days the sun is out. This is us….walking.
See Kate and Isabel looking at each other?

It is really good exercise. I push Kate in the stroller and wear Isabel in the carrier. I am so worn out by time we get back it is all I can do to make lunch. Hopefully, after a month of this I will be skinny (skinnier, anyway *smile*).

Happy Wednesday

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