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When I was a little girl, my Papa built my sisters and me an awesome playhouse. I mean it was really awesome. There was a trapdoor that led to the roof. There were logs for chairs and tables. We had a door with a latch. I remember playing in that playhouse for hours with my sisters and with my cousins when they came over.

We had the best backyard at that house. There was a winding creek with a “deep” part. (It was probably a foot deep, there. HAHA!) Another part of the creek had these really cool roots for climbing and exploring. Across the creek were three trees that had been cut down and went from one bank of the creek to the other. My sister could RUN across those logs, but I could only scoot along on my bottom. I remember this one log in particular, it had a branch on it still at one point that made scooting along very difficult.

We had so many adventures in that backyard. We played “little house on the praire”, got lost in blizzards, and other wind storms. We played house, mommy and daddy. My sister was always the daddy coming home from work. We had a tree swing that would go SO high. It was the absolute best backyard in the entire world.

Because of those memories I have of my childhood backyard, I try really hard to create things like that for my girls. One of the reasons I wanted this house so much is because of the creek. (We can’t get to it right now because of the overgrowth, but we will one day.) I built the girls a little playhouse perfect for them about 2 years ago. I really want to paint it. Brian will build them a better one when they get bigger. But for now, it is perfect.

Since it is so small, I have been making them an outdoor kitchen area this summer. I wanted to share it with y’all because it isn’t picture perfect like all the ones you see in internet land. The girls have so much fun with it, and to me that is what is important. (We now have a mailbox that needs a post for installation. The girls said their mailman hadn’t been delivering their mail, since they had no mailbox.)

I do have some plans to make it more pleasing to the eye. Right now though, it works. The girls are happy, so Mommy is happy.

Fancy shelving

Hilarious, really.
The dishes are mainly thrift store purchases. Some bowls are from my kitchen that I don’t use anymore. The spoons are the cheap wooden ones you buy in a pack from the dollar store. I do need to get them a few more bowls and utensils. I have it on my list.
Kids do not need fancy store bought toys. A few things here and there and their imagination completely takes over. I wish more parents realized that.
Happy mud pies!

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