not really any of your business

~but, honestly, I kind of want everyone to know.~

The Armonat family is in need of prayer for this upcoming change in our lives.  After Carrie passed away, Brian tried to find a job in the local area.  I was finding it increasingly hard to be alone in my huge pregnancy with the girls.  But, he couldn’t find any job that didn’t take him away from his family.  So, we resigned ourselves to deal with his going away.  Thankfully, his company brought their people home from Afghanistan to Massachusetts. So, he was able to work there for 2 rotations.  This time it was 60/60 rotation as opposed to the 90/90 we had been living.  This last time at work he was led to believe he wouldn’t be going overseas in the near future.  It seemed an answer to prayer.  But, during his time home, he received word from his employer that he would be leaving for Jordan in November. Much to our dismay.

I tell everyone this because we could use your prayers.  We don’t really have a choice in where Brian goes to work.  His field is limited in its choices of where he is employed.  I guess we could always relocate.  But, that just doesn’t seem worth it, either.

The girls are much older and will be good helpers.  Genevieve and Amelia are the same exact age that Kate and Isabel were when Brian left the first time.  Old enough to be aware of his absence, but not old enough to understand.  Makes it difficult at times.  Kate and Isabel each have their own way of handling his time at work.  Each child requiring grace and mercy from Mommy at every turn. While Mommy struggles with keeping house, doing school, shopping, etc. On top of the fact my helper quit. So, now I am in search/prayer for a new helper.

I know God is in control.

He has taken care of us at every turn.  We are so blessed.  In ways sometimes I don’t even realize.

My girls are becoming beautiful young ladies. Not because of me, either.  I fail at every turn. All because of Him. His grace. For His glory.

I know all of this.  I might need to be reminded of it, though.  I might need extra grace and mercy from you~ my friends and family who are reading this.  I don’t think you would be reading this if you didn’t care, at least a little bit….right?  If so, when God brings the Armonat family to your mind.  Please pray for us.  At least this first week when life adjusts to it’s new normal for us.

After this rotation is over, maybe just maybe God will see fit to give him a job, local.  If not, we will still be fine.  God will still be in control.  Just as He’s been through it all…rough Genevieve pregnancy, chicken pox for 3 months, Amelia pregnancy-with one stupid health annoyance after another, Carrie’s home going, Brian’s job situations, financial difficulties….see?  We are all fine.  Great health.  Groceries in the pantry.  A job.  God is good.  God is in control.

We will have a few days that will be a little more difficult than others.  He will miss Kate’s birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, Amelia’s first birthday, and my birthday.

I found this Mary Englebreit print the other day.  I love it.

ME "Grace" print

It goes with this:choose joy

Don’t you think?

Thanks for reading.  I do appreciate your prayers.  I love you.

2 thoughts on “not really any of your business

  1. You call on me anytime. However, take into account that I’m trying to learn chemistry ALL over again!! LOL Seriously, When you need a break, I’m just a phone call away. Please tell your sweet hubby to be extra careful and don’t talk to strangers. 😉 Praying for you, my tell like it is, sweet friend. :)

  2. You know I love you!! I will be praying, i will be a wake up call two weeks after Brian heads out. I will be there for meals to help you out during transition and meals at my house just to get out of your house….my phone and texts are always available 24/7….I am your Sister in Christ and I will be there to pray and support you! I Love You all.

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