new directions and a contest

My wonderful husband has a new job in town.  That’s right, in town!!  It is going to be so strange at first, I think.  He will be coming home every afternoon.  Weird!?  Dinner at a specific time.  (A goal I have had for awhile, now.)  I’m looking forward to making his lunches in the morning, having him home for dinner (dishes), sitting beside me in church, helping out in church together.  All the things we have missed in this past season of our lives.

New beginnings.

New things.

I have difficulties sometimes with change.  It will take some getting used to, his coming home every day.  I will have more laundry.  I struggle with that beast.  I have been praying for this change, though.  I am more than ready.  It seems the older I get, the more I understand that God does make things new.  I love seeing God’s hand in our lives.  Changing us.  Growing us.  Preparing our hearts for the changes that do come.  God is good.

Along with this, I am working on my in Along with this, I am working on my inventory.  I am building and making things, here and there.  Fun. Fun.  I am looking forward to starting this new venture while doing what I enjoy.  MAKING!! (Makers gonna make…might as well get paid. HAHA!)  I’m trying to come up with a nice catchy name for my “business”.  (It feels strange saying that, but I think I can…I’ve had quite a few sales already.)  To make it more fun for me, and to help stir my child-fogged brain…I want to have a contest!  Help me name my new business and receive a hand crafted sign of your choice.

Things to think about while thinking of a name:

I like to use old wood, old things, antiques, junk, rusty things and repurpose them.  I think my style is a rustic, vintage feel.  Also, everything can be personalized.  I make a variety of things.  I like words and plays on words.  Like Thyme Passing Creations or All Things New.

I have been calling our little homestead armonat acres. The name of my blog is Live and Learn. I like alliteration.  I would like for the name of everything to be the same.


Well, here is the deal. If you want to try to win a custom-made sign, and you have some ideas, post them whereever you’d like. This facebook post, comment on the blog post, the instagram post, email me. Whatever you’d like.  Below are some of my latest creations.  Most have been sold.  But, all can be recreated! :)





image image image imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image

As you can see, there is a variety of things!!  I sure hope y’all can help!

Here’s to the Armonats’ new adventure!



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  1. Timeworn Treasures
    Trove from the Acres
    Acres Of Treasure….treasure being your family as well as what you sell and where it comes from

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