my hunting adventure




You see that? That is my back yard. They were seen frequently all summer. I am timid when it comes to Brian’s hunting rifles. They are loud and heavy and kick. But, I want to shoot a deer. I posted on a Facebook group I’m in that is for women shooters asking what kind of rifle they suggest. In that group a woman that lives near here offered to let me go hunting with her. Being curious as to what it is like to actually go hunting, I went.

We arrived at their hunt club in the pitch dark. We rode on a 4-wheeler to a trail, then hiked to the tree stand. It was a little nerve wracking to say the least to climb up in the deer stand in the pitch black dark, having never even seen a deer stand. And considering that I am terrified of heights. Once I got up there and settled though, it was fine.

dark sky

Here we are waiting for the sun to come up. It was a dreary, rainy kind of day. A misty rain. Just enough to wet your clothes. I might have been a little chilled.

scope and feed lot

to the left

If you look down the road up there. That is where we saw a doe, then a buck come trailing behind her.  It was neat to see. They did get away. But it was an exciting 10 minutes.

tree stand

Here is the tree stand. It is wide enough for two people to sit comfortably. Well, relatively comfortably.


Here are the deer tracks of the two deer that we saw.


While the men were making sure the deer wasn’t wounded in the woods, I found this cute little turtle. Then I found this pretty snail.


It was just such a nice time to walk around in the woods enjoying God’s creation. I can’t wait to do it in my own back woods.

moss tree

Evidently there is a huge record breaking buck that roams these woods behind my house. Our neighbor’s son has been tracking him. How hilarious would it be if I got it? Even if I don’t get that one, I sure would like to get one. A young girl in our homeschool group has gotten 3 already this year. Isn’t that wild?

deer 3

If not, it will be fun to try. It is fun to learn new things.

the hunter

Here, I am, in my official hunting outfit. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything camouflage in my whole life. I have until the end of the year to get something. Wish me luck!

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