moving, apples, and burgers

I am moving my little old blog to a new hosting doohicky.  No clue what I am doing.  HA!  But, it will not defeat me.  I will figure it out.

Meanwhile, enjoy our apple picking pictures….along with the rest of America’s.

IMG_1512IMG_1533IMG_1536IMG_1502IMG_1471These scarecrows were so fun!

IMG_1459IMG_1456IMG_1452IMG_1451IMG_1449Even though we go somewhere every fall to “pick” apples.  This was the first year we actually got to pick.  It was fun.

Come to find out it was National Hamburger Day.  We were already enjoying “the best burgers in all the land” when we found out.  There is an adorable local place called Barnwood Grill.  Yummy.  Grassfed beef on homemade buns.  Make you smack yo’ mama! I said that to the girls one day, the looks they gave me!

IMG_1439IMG_1433IMG_1431See how much they enjoyed them? HAHAHA.

IMG_1432This kid would eat a burger every day if I let her.

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