an awesome parenting moment

But first let me tell you something funny.

Genevieve picked up the saying “awesome sauce” from a commercial on Hulu. It was cute. Recently, Brian started saying it. ┬áHe would say he was so awesome~ he was the sauce to go on awesome. I would then ask if I was awesome.



I know. I am a dork.

I decided since I was asking Kate to have more responsibilities around the house, it was only fair that she has rewards for her efforts.


For example, she has more chores, including taking care of Amelia. So, she is allowed to stay up 30 minutes later than everyone else.

Good deal. Works for everyone, right?

Ha. HA!

Not Isabel.

smiling llama

As I was trying to explain to Isabel all the reasoning why…..I finally got frustrated and said, You are just going to have to get over it. That is life. The oldest sister gets to do everything first. I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is.

Oh my word!

No wonder Jada, Carrie, and Jayme get so mad at me!!!


Oh, well!


Meanwhile, Isabel is so upset that she is hysterically screaming and crying because Mommy is laughing at her. She was so very mad that I had to send her to bed.

This kid. She is something else.

isabel profile



like the Hebrews

Each and every day I have a simple goal. To rise early (before the girls) to read my Bible. Each and every day I fail. Genevieve usually wakes me up. It is difficult to have time alone with God when there is a rambunctious toddler in your lap.

Until today.

I was awake at 5:30. Kate came in wanting to sleep with mommy. We lay there, neither one of us sleeping. Until I finally just got up. I told her she couldn’t get up until the clock said 8:00. She was upset, but she eventually fell back to sleep, thankfully. I made my coffee and sat down with my Bible. It has been so long since I tried to just read it, I wasn’t even sure where to start. so, I just found where I had left off last time, months ago, and began there.

The Hebrews had just left Egypt and were trying to outrun the Egyptian army. (I am sure you all know the story.) God brings the Hebrews through the Red Sea on dry land and drowns the Egyptians. The Hebrews rejoice. They sing and dance in praise and worship to God for his deliverance.

Then disaster.

Bitter water. Bitter attitudes. Angry with Moses and with God. How dare this happen to them, they cry! We would have been better off in Egypt, they say. Really?! How quickly they forgot God’s deliverance. It was just in the previous chapter. So, it couldn’t have been but the previous week, right? I am no Bible scholar, but they weren’t even getting their manna yet, so they hadn’t been away from Egypt very long. They had just seen the greatest miracle of their lives. The Red Sea crossing and yet they were doubting God.

Sounds a lot like me.

Just a week ago, I was praising God in church for his love and care. And this week? I am a complaining, weepy, whiny mess. I don’t know how I could have forgotten already. But, I seem to have. I needed this reminder this morning. God is taking care of me and my girls. Even though the water may seem bitter to me right now. He will sweeten it. I just need to trust Him. I don’t need to forget. I need to remember His blessings that He gives in the forefront of my mind.

God does love me. The Bible tells me so. I am not alone. He is right there with me. He is taking care of us. Here are 3 of my blessings right here.

mother's day

I hope I can remember this lesson longer than the Hebrews.

lessons learned – june 2012


Blog? Who has time to do that? Much less shave legs or wash hair some days. I honestly didn’t think adding a child would really add that much more to do. I completely forgot how much time a baby needs. It really does get overwhelming sometimes. We are slowly adjusting. I thought I would try to get back into blogging by doing my “lessons learned” posts. I have a lot of fun with them.

#1~ Have Grandma come to visit more often. My mother-in-love came to stay with us for a week. We had a lot of fun. We visited the Children’s Museum, the Columbia Zoo, and downtown Greenville for ice cream. It was fun for the girls to have their Grandma here every morning. It was also nice to have adult company in the house for a change.
#2~ Ask Kate what she wants in her garden, before we plant it. I usually let the girls help me plant my flowers and veggies whenever I am working outside. This year, I decided to let the girls plant individual gardens for themselves, intending to just have them plant sunflowers and zinnias. Fool proof plants, guaranteed to grow. When we were finished, Kate said she didn’t want a flower garden. She wanted a food garden. OOPS! So, she planted some cucumber plants in the middle. Then we planted some pumpkins for her in my veggie/sunflower garden.
#3~ When letting the girls paint, just let them paint. I try to direct their painting efforts, and it usually doesn’t work. I get frustrated and then they don’t want to paint. I need to just let them go. They like to paint just for painting’s sake. Not to create things, not yet anyway. In time, they will.
#4~ Sisters last forever. Teach them to love each other unconditionally. Something my sisters and I were never taught.
#5~ Always be ready for Brian’s return. Brian had been telling me that he wasn’t coming home until June 25. I was a little upset with him, for the week before his scheduled return was our VBS at church. I was in charge of the craft time, and I really wanted him here to help and encourage me. The Monday morning of VBS week, I was running around trying to get to church. We were making fossils at VBS that night, and I needed to make clay for around 80 kids. Get all the trays made out of tin foil, etc. I put the girls in the car, ran back into the house to get whatever else I needed. I locked the house down, ran back up to the car, put everything in the back, walked around the car AND their stood Brian. Literally. I was so surprised, ecstatic, hysterical, crying, jumping up and down, crying, laughing, hugging him. It was the best surprise I think I have ever had. It was wonderful.
But, later that day when we were all home and the excitement had worn off, I kept thinking about everything that I hadn’t done, that I should have done. The shopping, the cleaning, the normal daily things that he expects me to do when he is gone. I was disappointed in myself for not pleasing him but doing the little things. I was thinking about all of this and was reminded of how we should always be ready and watching for Jesus’ return. Even though we will be excited upon His return. I expect that when we get to heaven, we will be saddened by all the things we should have done for Him that we didn’t.
#6~ Plant more zinnias.
#7~ Gentian violet is the cure for almost everything. We put it on cuts and scrapes. Genevieve and I had thrush. The nystatin that the doctor prescribed wasn’t working after a week. I googled thrush and home remedies. Evidently, years ago, doctors used gentian violet for thrush, but discontinued it’s use because of it is so messy. I used it in her mouth and on myself. IT IS SO MESSY! But, it works!
#8~ When, I feel like my emotions are out of my control, they might be! For example, I struggle with handling daily frustrations in a godly manner. But, sometimes life seems to be so very CRAZY and OUT OF CONTROL!! One day, I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t understand my thoughts or my actions. I tried to talk to Brian about it. (He was still away.) He was no help. Another lady told me to pray more and to memorize scripture. Which is a good idea, but I knew that that wouldn’t help. There was something just WRONG!
I called the herbalist who we have gotten things from before. She asked me a series of questions. By my answers, she believed I had a low level of progesterone. She suggested I get to a health food store and purchase some immediately. So, the next day I did. It comes in a cream. The scent reminds me of an old lady. I felt relaxed in just a few hours. Instead of tense and frustrated. It was wonderful. Not relaxed, as in drugged, but in control of my mind and my emotions. It was wonderful. I kept putting the cream on, whenever I felt that frustration build in my mind. It was wonderful. It IS wonderful. It took a few days to figure out how much to put on. But, I have been using it for weeks now, and I will never stop using it. NEVER! It really does help.

Did I mention my husband was home? It has been so nice having him home again. I forget how much I need him when he is gone. Not to DO things for me, but to just BE with me. He is my best friend and I really love him. On that note, look at the rooster he bought me. I mentioned I wanted some chickens for the girls and I to play with. Fun chickens. So, he bought me a Silkie rooster and hen. Isn’t he adorable? I named him Harry.

Happy happy!