an awesome parenting moment

But first let me tell you something funny.

Genevieve picked up the saying “awesome sauce” from a commercial on Hulu. It was cute. Recently, Brian started saying it.  He would say he was so awesome~ he was the sauce to go on awesome. I would then ask if I was awesome.



I know. I am a dork.

I decided since I was asking Kate to have more responsibilities around the house, it was only fair that she has rewards for her efforts.


For example, she has more chores, including taking care of Amelia. So, she is allowed to stay up 30 minutes later than everyone else.

Good deal. Works for everyone, right?

Ha. HA!

Not Isabel.

smiling llama

As I was trying to explain to Isabel all the reasoning why…..I finally got frustrated and said, You are just going to have to get over it. That is life. The oldest sister gets to do everything first. I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is.

Oh my word!

No wonder Jada, Carrie, and Jayme get so mad at me!!!


Oh, well!


Meanwhile, Isabel is so upset that she is hysterically screaming and crying because Mommy is laughing at her. She was so very mad that I had to send her to bed.

This kid. She is something else.

isabel profile



these days


And it begins again.

A foot thrown across my face in the wee hours of the morning. I slowly wake to find Genevieve tucked up under my side. I attempt to roll over only to find Kate (or is it Isabel?) on the other side. Oh, that’s Brian. Kate has curled up under him. ARGH! I try to unwind from the sheet that has become untucked and tangled around my legs in the night WITHOUT waking up the bed full of children.

I sneak down the stairs bringing Amelia. If I leave her in my room she will wake everyone up when she wakes up in a few. I cherish these quiet early morning. My coffee, iPad, and Amelia. Savoring my coffee, thinking about the day what I want to accomplish, praying.

I am so thankful for how God is using the circumstances of my life to change me. I think that  somewhere around the time Genevieve was born, I think I have struggled with depression or something. I am not exactly sure what triggered it. Im sure it was an accumulation of things along with straying away from God. Just in little ways, though. Not enough to hurt anything- or so I thought. That combined with being a single parent half the year- being pregnant or nursing the last 7 years (LOL)- homeschooling, etc. You get the picture, I am sure. Life. Life happened.

So, now you know why I haven’t been blogging.

Since I am feeling better, I have really become close to my Mom. Close like I always wanted to be. Talking to her, I realize that my “issues” must be genetic. She had the same struggles as a mom as I do. I believe my Nanny (her Mom) and my Granny (Nannie’s Mom) both had the same problems. Thankfully, we are at a wonderful church that has many older godly ladies that I can talk to. Through many conversations with them and much prayer, I have learned that sometimes you need more help. And, I do. More help as in the medication kind.  I struggle with postpartum, chaos, messes, busyness, life with small children. HA! I got a prescription and slowly began to feel better.  Still, sometimes I want to cry out, “No one ever told me it would be this hard!! WAH!! EVERYONE PLEASE STOP CRYING!!!! It’s Mommy’s turn!!”

Some wonderful ladies, including my mom were so helpful after Amelia.  They all shared with me the struggle they had when they were moms of small children. There was an entire network of godly ladies praying for me, I later found out. They came over and helped me with my housework, children, and meals several times. It was reassuring to know that I was not alone, others had been there.

One of my wonderful friends has introduced me to a new way of eating called Trim Healthy Mama. I would describe it as a low glycemic lifestyle. I am feeling so healthy because of this way of eating! I have so much energy! I bound out of bed every morning, roaring to go. Because of this wonderful way of eating, I want to slowly wean myself off of the medication.

At the beginning of their year, I wanted as my motto or goal to be to always “Choose Joy!” No matter the circumstances. I honestly believe God has a sense of humor, because it was almost as if he said, “Okay, you asked for it!” Sort of like, not praying for patience, you know?

Rambling on, am I making any sense? Life, you know? Life goes on. There is no better time. This is it. Make the best of the life God has given you. LOVE Him. He is changing my heart to love HIM which is teaching me how to love others. I never understood that before. I get it now. Totally. Each day, we have a choice. We can choose JOY, living for Jesus. Or we can choose to wallow in our troubles. Granted, sometimes we need help to do that. To see that sometimes, even.

I guess I am just trying to kind of talk about what God is doing in my heart. But, in order for you to understand it, you have to know what I was going through. I keep trying to list it all out, but it reads like a Lifetime Movie script! HAHAHAHAHA!  Seriously, though.  God is good.  Life is not always good. But, God is.


Footsteps pounding down the stairs. Chocolate milks to be made. Diapers and pull-ups to be changed.  Laundry to be washed, dried, folded, and put away. Dirty dishes still in the sink.

A new day, but yet the same.



Still living and learning…..



Grief is a strange thing.


The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary says grief is the pain of mind produced by loss, misfortune, injury or evils of any kind; sorrow; regret. The pain of mind. I don’t think I have ever been in this much pain. Mind or body. The kind of pain that flares up randomly. In the grocery store when you see the International Delight Iced Coffee carton and burst into tears. Or at Walmart when the speakers are blaring some country song that reminds you of her. Genevieve seeing her picture and saying JoJo all day long.

Pain of loss, thinking of all the future memories not experienced. She not being here to hold my new baby.

Regret of words said, not said, time wasted.

It seems easier some days.  Some days are so filled with children, housework, husband, life that I don’t let myself think about her. Other days, she is all I think about.

Carrie is in heaven. Carrie is with Jesus. What is she doing? How is Grandma? How is Coy and Grandma Lou? What is it like up there? How does it feel to have your new body?  Oh, the joy! I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.

On Labor Day, we went to spend the day with the family-mainly my Mama, sisters, and all the kids. The husbands were working. As we drove by Mama’s house, I noticed Carrie’s car in the driveway.  I said to my girls, “Look, JoJo is here.”  Really? How could I have said that without thinking? As soon as I said it, I began to cry. No, she’s not here. Ugh. She won’t ever be here again.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelations 21:4.  I am so thankful for the comfort in that verse. When I can remember to think about it, that is.

Memory flashes of that week. That horrible week. Carrie lying on the hospital bed, already in heaven. All I could say and think, “Oh, Carrie. Oh, Carrie.” Buying her last outfit. Seeing her name on all those official death forms. Having to SHOP around for a funeral home. One that didn’t require every single penny up front.  Meanwhile, life doesn’t stop. Children still need to be fed and bathed.  Bills forgotten, housework neglected.  School?  What’s that? Questions without answers.  Children who want JoJo.  Crying without understanding.

But, it does get easier. You just have to keep on going. You have to. The sun still rises and sets every day.  Clothes need to be washed. Floors finally get mopped and vacuumed. My husband comes home taking some of my burden. Life finally settles back down into a routine. Granted it’s a different routine. Routine, nonetheless. More frequent calls and texts between sisters.  Trying to love each other more.

I miss her.







a little paint project

I asked Brian if we could paint the guest house for it looked like this.

Ew! Right? Not really. It still cute. It is just raw wood with water stains and mildew loveliness. The walkway was slick with some mildew, also. Not fun after a rain. Well, I guess it would be fun if you were little, but I don’t fancy slipping and sliding then falling on my bum.

We decided to paint the guest house. But, because I was going with a drastic color, Brian told me to get a quote on the house. Everything needs to match, right? So, after lots of back and forth (hahahaha) we were able to get the house painted, as well. I was beyond excited. In the winter months, it starts to look DREARY around here.

Here are the before shots of the house.

It really is a cute house even with the gray. The boring and drab gray. I like gray, don’t get me wrong. I wear it almost daily. That and brown and blue and plum. HA! But, I don’t wear red. My house is red. I don’t wear red. Maybe on Christmas Eve, I will wear a red sweater. I don’t really wear yellow, either. My girls do. they look gorgeous in yellow. Me, not so much. My house? Now, it looks gorgeous in yellow, too.

Doesn’t it? Isn’t it so bright and cheerful? Doesn’t it just make you SMILE?!

Look at the guest house! Gorgeous! It’s like a little play house.

I even stained the walkway after they pressure washed the nasty thing. It looks so good, even with acorns and leaves all over it.

Since it is Autumn, my favorite time of year, I had to put up a new wreath, right? Right? And get pansies, right? My front door and front entrance is gorgeous, now!

Well, at least Kate and I think so. She helped me do all the planting while I made my wreath. She also arranged everything around the front door. I think she has quite an artistic eye.

Well, what do you think? It looks good, doesn’t it? I think it looks even more “me” than before! I love it! Woohoo! I love coming home and walking down the little walkway to the entrance. It is so lovely. It really makes me smile. Now on to the landscaping and the wall! We are going to be working on that in the spring.

Happy Monday!

celebrating Isabel

Last month we celebrated Isabel’s birthday. I have been meaning to dedicate an entire post to Isabel. She is our little clown. Our funny girl. Everything she says is hilarious.

For example, tonight I was taking a shower. I had Genevieve in her crib playing, and Kate and Isabel had climbed in with her. I just left them all in there to play. I thought it would be okay. Less likely for anyone to get hurt, if they are all corralled in the crib. Right? Well, halfway into my shower, Kate tells me that Isabel is sitting on Genevieve’s back and neck. Really? Sitting on her back? When I questioned her, she said yes, she had been sitting on Genevieve’s back. I try to explain about being gentle with the baby. Stuff I have said a thousand times. Isabel just looks at me and says, but she was my horsey.

Isabel. My sweety sweet girl. The girl who walked at 8 months, but still wants me to hold her all the time. My girl who has yet to sleep through the night for an entire week. My girl, who in the midst of her play, will come to me just to tell me that she loves me. Then run back to play some more.

Isabel. My bully. Torturer of Kate. Hilarious, really, but you can’t laugh in front of them. She picks on Kate mercilessly. Kate can’t stand it. She is so tender. The least little slight and she cries. But, Isabel? Tough as nails. She doesn’t get her way, she just calmly reaches over and PINCHES the fire out of Kate. Holds Kate’s things behind her back while taunting her. So mean. Then the next minute, playing nicely and lovingly. Please and thank you.

Isabel. My singer of Jesus loves me. Every morning. She loves to sing that song. She loves to pray. She always prays for our food. Amen. She loves Jesus. She loves Sunday School. Cries if we are running late and she misses her story on Sunday mornings. She loves her baby sister. Loves her big sister. Loves her cousins. Full of love and smiles and joy. My Isabel.

Isabel wants long hair more than anything. She is constantly talking about having long hair. About 5 or so months ago, she began wearing things on her head and calling it her long hair.

Like a shirt.


Her baby sling.


A burp cloth.


Her cape.


Random yellow lace.

Seriously. She is obsessed. She will even put their sequined frilly skirts on her head. Anything that suits her mood, whether it matches her outfit or not, she will put it on her head, and call it her long hair.

Enter Grandma Judy who buys these children what they want.

I give you, Isabel~with long hair. (Granted, it is fake Barbie like hair, but it is her long hair.)

I let her wear it to Walmart one time. I’m not sure if people there thought she was a sweet little girl going through chemo. Or if they realized she was just wearing a dress up wig. But, she wore it through out the store. We got lots of looks. Lots. We are probably on that nasty Walmart website with the other weird people at Walmart.

She wanted a fancy birthday hat for her birthday party. So, I took a plain birthday hat, dressed it up and glued it to a headband. She even called the dangly ribbons, her long hair.

I just love that silly girl.

peanut butter randomness

Peanut butter
Today is National peanut butter day! Who knew? I didn’t, well at least I didn’t until the Huffington Post told me. And I always believe what they say. (Ha!) But, I thought it was a good enough reason to have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today. Boy, were they good. 
Peanut butter is always in this house. If there is no peanut butter, there is definitely something wrong. I eat a lot of it. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world to eat. Just smear some peanut butter on half of a piece of bread, fold it over, then enjoy. Nothing better. My Uncle Toby agrees with me, too.
Sometimes we might just eat it with a spoon. Yummy.
(pictures from lunchtime)
 In other news, I have joined my bloggy friend, Jenners, and her friend Jill, and a few other people in a read-along. I am supposed to blog about each chapter on Mondays. We just finished chapter 2 for this week. The book is Howard Zinn’s classic history book, A People’s History of the United States. So, far I agree with some reviewers I have found that it is from a very liberal viewpoint. BUT, like all historians, Zinn has an agenda. I really would like to read some other viewpoints, before I come to any conclusions. I do, however, realize that what he says is true, to a certain extent. He just makes the first 2 chapters sound HORRIBLE and the founding of our country on the deaths of all the peoples who were here first. Really, was it that bad? I don’t know.
Also, life is pretty much the same with my 2 crazy girls. I am curious to see how adding one more to the bunch will change things. Here is Kate with her new obsession. 
Her gun, her holster, her ear protection, and her horse. I need to get her a hat, a cowboy hat.
Isabel still loves to swing. Snot and all. Snot is just a part of our daily lives in the winter, I guess. Yuck.

Well, on that note, I will go. I am purging things from the guest house. I have a huge box for the trash and another box for goodwill. I need to make more room for storage. We are slowly running out of room in our main house. I save too much. I need to just THROW AWAY.

Don’t forget to eat some peanut butter in celebration of today, this important holiday.

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

rambling randomness


We were at Walmart the other day and came out the wrong door. As in the door on the other side of their HUGE parking lot. Of course, I didn’t realize what I had done until we were wondering around the HUGE parking lot looking for the car. Ugh.

Then the next time we were at Walmart, I did it again. Yep, sure did. I told the girls we were on an adventure and the first one to spot the new car got a lollipop.

Sometimes I forget I am pregnant. Then I try to work like a man, all day. Then I can’t get up the stairs that night. Wow, I am so out of shape. Like yesterday, I made a coat rack, painted 3 things, fed and watered chickens, planted pansies, hoed one of the flower beds, gave the dog a bath, then made dinner.

I cannot wait for Brian to be home. Hopefully, by then ALL my projects will be completed. I am trying so hard for them to be done. I really  need to start on the few things I am making for Christmas presents. The playroom redo is almost where I can show you. I am waiting on something in the mail. I have to make two more things. Then it is done. I am so over this room. It has taken much longer than I expected. It is really cool, though. The coolest play room I have ever seen.

Brian’s parents will be here next week. So, I will be slaving like a mad person over the weekend to make sure everything is perfect. I am looking forward to their visit. I get a little crazy with just toddlers to talk to sometimes.

Isabel is a funny, funny girl. She has the most hilarious sense of humor. She sees the world in such a unique way.


This is her new thing…she does this, then says, “see my rings?”  Cracks me up every time.

I am getting pretty good on Brother Lucy, my sewing machine. She and I have learned to really work together well. I am getting closer and closer to deciding to open an etsy or not. I made this shirt for my nephew’s birthday. He is into trains.

His “don’t take a picture of me” face. I debated whether or not to put a ‘4’ on the train (4th birthday), but decided not to. It is a big shirt, hopefully he can wear it next year, too.

By this time in my other pregnancies I have usually picked out a “color” for the new baby’s blankets and such to be. Kate was yellow and red. Isabel was blue and green. We never know what the gender will be, so I always go for neutral colors. I think I want brown and light gray. I know that isn’t very bright, but I keep thinking if it is a girl we can always add pink. Then if it is a boy, we can add something else like navy blue. What do you think?

Part of me wishes we knew what we were having. If this baby is a boy, he is going to have to wear girl baby clothes. HAHA! I do have some green and yellow stuff, but because the girls wore them, I think of them as girl clothes, you know?

Want to know what the best alarm clock in the world is? Realizing at 6 am that you left your camera outside ALL night long.

Spray paint is very awesome. I spray painted a few things for my kitchen yesterday. Things I had bought at the thrift store that were total 80’s style. Now they are nice and updated.

Every meal time a little person HAS to go potty. Every time it is a potty that requires mommy assistance. Really? We aren’t past that stage yet? At least we are out of diapers. But, not for long. I never in a million years ever once thought my life would consist of conversations that begin like this “Did you pee pee or poo poo?”

I am loving pinterest! Here is a link to my boards. I am just getting started on this thing. It can be consuming at times.

Well, enough of this rambling. I leave you with Kate’s new facial expression for the camera.

My children are a bit strange. They must take after their daddy.

summer recap, part 2

Fourth of July was celebrated by shooting guns….

Mama and her cane while shooting = hilarious

Playing badminton….

Eating watermelon….

And spending time with family and friends.

During this month, I was asked to make a cake for my Uncle Anthony’s surprise birthday party. It turned out so pretty, I just have to share it with you.

Cute, huh? He plays the ukelele, so his daughter requested a ukelele cake. I had no idea how to do it. I used 2 sheet cakes and cut out the shapes. I used candy and thread for the top, Hawaiian looking flowers for the edge.

I canned lots and lots of pickles and tomatoes.

Kate had her first taco. And LOVED it. Now, every time I mention having tacos, she gets very excited. She likes to dip them into a salsa and sour cream mixture. We always have root beer with tacos. It makes it even yummier.

We went camping on the hottest weekend of the year. It was fun, but so hot!

Putting up our massive tent took some patience and some time.

The girls danced around the fire.

We learned to make cowboy coffee. Delicious! I suggest if anyone tent camps to try it. It is worth the wait.

~walks along the lake shore~
~grilling burgers lake side~
 ~eating more watermelon~
 ~enjoying sunsets~
~enjoying full moons over our campsite~
~having strange things happen~

Kate learned how to do a flip on the swing set. She loves to show off.

 Isabel still hasn’t quite learned how to pedal her tricycle, much to her frustration.

We ate lots of blueberry pancakes. LOTS.

~popcorn and movie nights~
The back vegetable garden

The front flowers on the other side of the driveway. Next year, hopefully, I will remember that the sunflowers face AWAY from the house. They don’t look quite like I want them to, because they face that way. Oh, well.

front flower bed

another view of the front
Stay tuned for August!

summer recap, part 1


Fall is here, officially by the calendar anyway. The first day of fall was last Friday. I had every intention of posting something about it, but for some reason, life keeps getting in the way of this blog.

I love this time of year. I really like the cooler sweater weather. I told Kate the other day that I was ready for sweaters, because I was tired of sweating. I had to laugh at myself. She didn’t get it, but she laughed with me. Because she is 3 and doesn’t “get” corny, yet.

In celebration of fall, I thought I would recap our summer for you. I was going to do it all at once, but I was going into picture overload. So, I will just do one month at a time…

The beginning of June involved getting ready for Daddy’s homecoming. We painted signs, cleaned and cleaned. Did lots of yardwork. And just generally wore ourselves out. 
Daddy’s homecoming was a very special day. We got the the airport extra early.
And we waited, and waited. Surprisingly enough, Kate ran to her Daddy. Isabel was too busy eating her french fries to be bothered. But, Kate was beyond excited.

She kept giving him these precious, little hugs. Quite adorable, really.

This is Brian and me on his first Sunday back. There are several of these pictures and in several of them a head or something is cut off. This is one of the better ones. We look cute together, I think.
After Daddy came home, life took on a different pace. There was lots more laughing and lots more horsing around.
I goof off with them and play with them, but NOT like Daddy does.
We went on a plane ride to Grandma and Grandpa Armonat’s house for Father’s Day and Grandpa Armonat’s birthday. Brian celebrated his Father’s day by buying himself a present. Which was  a good thing, because in the planning and packing for the trip, I completely forgot about Father’s day.
Here Brian is posing with his present. He is probably going to shoot me for putting this picture out there. But it is hilarious. Every time it scrolls through the screensaver, I laugh.
We got new baby chicks. Mama hen sat on 14 eggs. I think 6 hatched out. Baby chicks are so much fun to watch.
I accidentally grew a cantaloupe. I used my homemade compost around my blueberry plants. A vine began to grow; I left it alone. I watered it when I remembered. Brian and the girls enjoyed it. I thought it tasted green. Still neat, anyway.
We went on several boat rides. I love this picture of the girls holding hands. Just look at the way Isabel is gazing adoringly at her sister.
We also had several breakdowns and other issues that took a little bit of fun away from lake-going.
But, we still managed to have lots of fun, anyway.


And capture some nice pictures.

No caption needed….sister love.
The vegetable garden in June.
The front flowers in June.

I wish I could tell you I learned lots of lessons during the month of June, but I don’t think I did. I wasn’t feeling my best a lot of those days. I had a bladder infection one week, then a stomach virus the next. So, not really the best of months to look back on in that regard. But, one thing I am learning daily is to make the best of whatever life hands you.

I hope you enjoyed this look back on our month of June.

I did.

where has the time gone?

Wow. It has been so long since I have blogged. I just can’t seem to find the time to do it. We have been really busy living life this summer. The girls make life exciting. There is never a dull moment around here.

Another reason I can’t seem to find time to blog (or clean or make dinner), I have morning sickness almost all day. Yep, you read that right. We are expecting our third baby. The precious blessing will be here some time in March. We are beyond excited (when we aren’t tired).

Happy Tuesday!

my new shades


I remember my mom wearing glasses like these when I was little. She always had huge sunglasses.

And, of course, like everything else, they are back in style. With a vengeance! I got a pair of contacts for the summer, so I needed sunglasses when we go to the lake. I went shopping for sunglasses one day. All I could find were the big ones. It was as if that was all they had, except for the aviator ones.

ala-Tom Cruise~NOT my style

I didn’t really like all the big ones, but finally found a pair I liked.

I thought they looked pretty good, until Brian looked at me and smirked. He asked if maybe there wasn’t a bigger pair I could have gotten. (Brian doesn’t like anything that smacks of trendiness.) So, I went rummaging around in the girls’ toy box and found these…..
Do you think these are big enough?

counting down


Today it has been 16 weeks exactly since Brian left for work.

This is the last Sunday. Sundays seem extra lonely. All the husbands and wives sitting together at church make me miss Brian more. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am that he will be home this Thursday. This Thursday at 9:30 am to be exact.

When he first left I felt a bit of freedom. In little ways, like staying up late and sewing, or watching movies I know he would just make fun of, or going to my parent’s house and staying all day….that kind of freedom. I enjoyed it for the most part.

Then it began to get to me just a little bit, so I worked. I worked in the yard, I rearranged the house, cleaned out the guest house, put in some flower beds, put in the garden, sewed and sewed. I stayed up too late sewing, actually. I read tons of books. We have had ice cream and popsicles for dinner. I have even let Isabel eat a plate of bacon for lunch.

It began to get to me some more, just in time for Brian’s mom to visit. We had a lovely time together. Mother’s day preparations and celebration also helped to fill in some time. We have gone to the park, we went to the zoo.

We planted Kate and Isabel’s garden.

We have had folks over for dinner. We have invited ourselves over to my sister’s to play and eat. We have kept ourselves so busy that we are exhausted. All of us.

A few weeks ago I really didn’t think I was going to make it. I was talking to my daddy on the phone and this analogy came to me. It is kind of crude so beware:

Sometimes on my way home from somewhere, I will have to go potty. I have to GO! I don’t think I am going to make it home. When I finally get home, I don’t think I am going to make it to the door. It will be difficult getting the girls out of their seats. They won’t have their shoes on, they won’t get their things. We finally get to the door and I can’t find my keys, so I don’t think I will be able to make it through the door. Finally get the door open, run in the house, drop my purse (and whatever else I am carrying) on the table, run to the bathroom. When I finally see the toilet, I don’t even think I will be able to get my pants down fast enough. But, I do. I always make it. I haven’t had a peepee accident. Not yet, anyway.

That is where I was….I was feeling as if I wasn’t going to make it. Brian would never be home. I would have to be alone forever. I was having bad dreams. He kept dying in my dreams. It was horrible. I am feeling better now. He will be on his way home Wednesday. I can’t wait.

The saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true. I believe that his absence does make me love and appreciate Brian even more. I think he loves me more and more each time he comes home. It has drawn us closer together because no one truly understands but us.

This is the picture we took when I dropped it him at the airport. Every time I think about going to the airport to pick him up again, I tear up. I can’t wait to have my best friend home with me again.

Thursday’s randomness

Finally, this week, I am back to my normal self. I have seriously been sick since the week of Christmas. Not always enough to keep me in bed, but enough to make me unhappy. Not feel like doing anything. My house was a mess, I was a mess, the girls were a mess, everything was just annoying. Brian did his best, but he doesn’t do things the way I do. He is excellent at the laundry, though. That is the one thing he does way better than I do.

I am just so glad to feel better. No cough. No runny nose. No achy muscles. But, now that I am feeling better, I realize just how chubby I have let myself get. Yuck. I really need to get outside and get to moving. I hate hate hate to exercise. But I really enjoy yard work. So, that is what I am going to get back to doing. The girls are tired of being inside all the time, too. They went outside to play today and had a blast.

I also really want to get some bookshelves. I am so ready to get my books unpacked. Then I want to get the guest house organized. To actually BE a guest house and not a junk house. I want to organize all my fabric. It looks like a fabric store vomited in the guest house. There is fabric everywhere. I don’t even know what I have.

I have already begun organizing the house. It feels good to get things cleaned and neat. Once I get things organized, I want to make everything pretty. Put the “Christy look” to it all. Who knows how long it will take, though. I’m not in a hurry, I am just feeling motivated. So, I am making a list of what I want to do. Helps keep me focused.

Brian is still home. We aren’t sure when he will be leaving. But, in the meantime, we are just enjoying his company. The girls and I love having Daddy home all day. I dread the day he leaves. Right now we are waiting on some paperwork to come through. Brian was saying that God allowed his stay home to be dragged out because I was so sick. God’s timing is perfect. Who knows if that was the reason but regardless, I am glad he is still here. We are getting a lot done while having a lot of fun.

I am enjoying the sunshine that we have had yesterday and today. It is supposed to be in the upper 50’s all weekend. How wonderful! A little taste of spring. We have big plans to plant some trees. I am sure it will be cold again, but this is nice weather. I really despise the cold. I don’t know how people live in the snow. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I am not made for the cold weather.

Brian and I have been playing Yahtzee. Fun game. It is such a game of chance, we let Kate play the other night. She would have won had she finished it. She got tired and went to sleep.

The girls’ schedule has been off kilter, so my schedule has been off kilter. I am kind of ready to get back to some semblance of order. That probably won’t happen until Brian leaves.

In the meantime, I got this in the mail today. I can’t wait to play with it, with Kate of course.


Doesn’t this look like so much fun? Stamps and a drawing book. I foresee lots of fun stamping in the future.

Ethel and I have been learning a lot about each other. Here is a sample of Ms. Ethel’s best work.

She does a good job, huh?

Well, tata for now. Happy Thursday.