peanut butter randomness

Peanut butter
Today is National peanut butter day! Who knew? I didn’t, well at least I didn’t until the Huffington Post told me. And I always believe what they say. (Ha!) But, I thought it was a good enough reason to have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today. Boy, were they good. 
Peanut butter is always in this house. If there is no peanut butter, there is definitely something wrong. I eat a lot of it. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world to eat. Just smear some peanut butter on half of a piece of bread, fold it over, then enjoy. Nothing better. My Uncle Toby agrees with me, too.
Sometimes we might just eat it with a spoon. Yummy.
(pictures from lunchtime)
 In other news, I have joined my bloggy friend, Jenners, and her friend Jill, and a few other people in a read-along. I am supposed to blog about each chapter on Mondays. We just finished chapter 2 for this week. The book is Howard Zinn’s classic history book, A People’s History of the United States. So, far I agree with some reviewers I have found that it is from a very liberal viewpoint. BUT, like all historians, Zinn has an agenda. I really would like to read some other viewpoints, before I come to any conclusions. I do, however, realize that what he says is true, to a certain extent. He just makes the first 2 chapters sound HORRIBLE and the founding of our country on the deaths of all the peoples who were here first. Really, was it that bad? I don’t know.
Also, life is pretty much the same with my 2 crazy girls. I am curious to see how adding one more to the bunch will change things. Here is Kate with her new obsession. 
Her gun, her holster, her ear protection, and her horse. I need to get her a hat, a cowboy hat.
Isabel still loves to swing. Snot and all. Snot is just a part of our daily lives in the winter, I guess. Yuck.

Well, on that note, I will go. I am purging things from the guest house. I have a huge box for the trash and another box for goodwill. I need to make more room for storage. We are slowly running out of room in our main house. I save too much. I need to just THROW AWAY.

Don’t forget to eat some peanut butter in celebration of today, this important holiday.

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

new year


Well, we have already had an exciting start to our new year. Brian has been home! We have really just been enjoying his presence. We have been spending a lot of time just being together. It has been really nice. Granted, it was a bit busy right around Christmas with him just getting home and doing stuff at church. But after the holidays, we have been just relaxing.

We are trying to finish up the playroom right now. I hope to have it finished next week, I will show it to you, then. I also have a few more projects that I really wanted completed before new baby gets here. In case you have forgotten, there will be a new baby arriving in the beginning of March.

This week, Brian is actually out of town for training, so I am trying to get some sewing done. It is hard to sew while he is here, for some reason. I want to make a baby blanket and stuffed animal/toy. Floor cushions for the reading area in the playroom. Skirts for the girls. Dress for me. Diaper bag. Do you think I can get all those finished? Plus, I have a small stack of things that need fixed/finished/repaired/made to wear.

I did not make any resolutions this year. I just don’t think it would be wise to try to have resolutions with new baby coming. New baby is going to take up a lot of time at first. Who knows how life is going to really be with the new one? Wild at first, I am sure.

It is getting closer and closer to time for new baby, actually. Less than 2 months are left. I think I am 32 or 33 weeks along. I forget. I am getting a bit nervous about the delivery. The other two’s births were far from normal. I really do not want an ambulance ride or emergency anything.

We have a lot to be thankful for. Last year was a great year. I learned so much about being a godly wife and mommy. I am looking forward to this new year and all the wonderful things that will be in it. I have a several things on my mind that I want to begin and to do. I hope that I can even with the new baby. But, I am not making resolutions for any of it.

I actually have a lot on my heart and mind right now….but I don’t think I need to blog about any of it. If any of you that read this are pray–ers, pray for me. I really want to do the Lord’s will. I want Him to have preeminence in my heart and life. I want Him to soften my heart and help me to love others. Really LOVE them. I struggle in this area (amongst others). I would like to get back into reading His Word daily, not just sporadically. I would like to grow spiritually.

And on that note….our Christmas morning family picture.

(Don’t the girls just look thrilled?)

Happy (late) new year!

snowmen SC style

Christmas decorating has been going on full speed ahead around here in the Armonat household. Once we got our tree up and decorated, we haven’t stopped crafting and making and playing. It has been fun.
I really like snowmen. I have a few here and there, but not nearly as many as I would like to have. And of course, it isn’t like we get the kind of snow down here that you can make a real snowman. So, I have figured out how to make snowmen myself. Southern style. Thanks to the internet and Pinterest. You can follow me here on Pinterest, if you want to.
Snowmen jars!
First, get some jars and paint them white. We let them dry overnight. While we had out the white paint, we actually painted lots of things white. After they dry, add your hats, faces, and accessories. This is the best part.
Here is the final product. In order from left to right: Daddy, Kate, Isabel, Mommy. Hilarious, huh?
Snowman pumpkins!
The next snowmen project, we used our leftover pumpkins from the fall. We painted them white and left them to dry overnight.
As you can see, we really, really like to paint. After they were dry, we stacked them and added their faces and accessories.
Here they are outside in the flower garden. They look pretty happy, don’t they?
I have had this snowman doorstop for years. I usually just put it by the front door on the floor. Which is where it is. Well, the other day, Isabel said he needed flip flops. So, she gave him her flip flops and asked me to take his picture.
For some reason, she thought this was hilarious. She left them there for a few days and would laugh every time she saw him. It was funny. She is such a little clown.
Here is the snowman made out of plastic pumpkins covered in white fabric. She is in the living room this year.
Kate and Isabel read books to her.
I hope you are having a wonderful December so far. We are! We are counting down the days for daddy to come home. We are in the single digits, finally. Another cause for celebration is all my presents have been purchased! I am just finishing up a few homemade projects and I will be finished. Woohoo! Now to wrap them all and mail some. So……
Happy shopping!

thanksgiving blessings


Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. We have so much to be thankful for. I couldn’t even begin to list them all. Brian’s parents came down for the week to help us celebrate. It was a nice time. Jason, my stepson (I have never really thought of him like that, I don’t know why. But he called me his stepmom this weekend. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.) In preparation for the week, the girls and I made this lovely thanksgiving banner you see above. each letter is comprised of something different. Beans, feathers, ribbons, etc. Then we added glitter for fancy fun. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the girls had with this project. Kate for one, is really into letters and what they are and the sounds they make. I think she is ready to learn to read.

Here they are, with their supplies we have gathered…ready to GLUE!!


Gluing away….what fun for little ones. Who knew?

Thanksgiving day itself was fun. A lot of work, but fun. Even the girls helped prepare dinner. Here we are breaking beans. We had fresh beans instead of green bean casserole. Delicious.

bean mustache
Sometimes they just sat on the steps and watched Grandma and mommy work.
While the turkey roasted and other things simmered, the girls and I talked about thanksgiving as we colored pictures. Grandma and Grandpa read magazines and watched us. Jason had to give Molly some loving.
 I tried to explain to them why we set aside a special day for thankfulness. Who we thank and what we are thankful for. Then I asked them what they were thankful for. If you know Kate, you know she just listens, takes everything in, and doesn’t really participate. So, I went around and asked everyone what they were thankful for. Everyone said stuff like: health, family, food, etc. When I got back around to Kate, I asked her again. She told me she was thankful for Jesus dying on the cross. As I type this, I tear up again. We hadn’t even discussed Jesus, not then, anyway. But, that is what she was most thankful for. My sweet Kate, who hit the nail on the head and said the very thing I was thinking but was too chicken to say in front of my in-laws. I was so proud of her. My special girl.
Soon dinner was ready. Isabel got to the table. And before anyone realized what she was doing, she helped herself.

This girl loves olives.

Jason had the honor of carving the turkey. He did a really good job.

Once Grandma Judy stopped badgering him, that is…..she was a good sport, though when Grandpa called her out on it.

It was an almost perfect thanksgiving. Obviously the less than perfect part comes from Brian not being able to be with us. But, we are thankful for his job. This next picture is for him.  I wasn’t able to get one with them all smiling. They were worse than children. Talking, laughing, looking down. I think this one was the best, though.

The day was truly a blessing.

mother’s day


My mother’s day weekend was really wonderful. I was able to participate in our Mother’s Day brunch at my church. That was a lot of fun. I helped decorate for it. I was also in the skit. Which I think was hilarious and was actually a big hit.

I wanted the girls and I to wear blue. I didn’t really have a blue dress that I thought looked nice on me. So, I made me one. It is really lovely if I say so myself.

I almost look skinny!
(Check out my cute shoes~Kmart)

Mama took some pictures of me modeling it. I did not use a pattern. I just copied another dress I had, made it more A-line, added a ruffle at the neck, and a tie at the waist.

Here is a picture of Mama and me at the luncheon.

It always surprises me at how much I look like her. Same nose, same mouth. Funny. I was glad to be able to spend both Saturday and Mother’s Day with her. Even though we only live 30 minutes from each other, we rarely get to spend time together.

It is so hard to get a good picture of me and my silly girls. Here is one from the luncheon.

Here is Mother’s Day. I really like this one. We set the camera on a table and used the timer setting on the camera.

Brian bought me a beautiful necklace and earring set. He also bought me an incredible coffee maker. It makes the coffee at 200 degrees! HOT coffee, finally! I have not really had hot coffee in several months. I bought myself a hydrangea, because I have wanted one for years. It turned out to be a nice weekend. It would have been better had Brian been here, but we can’t have it all. Can we?

Here are a few other pictures from the day.

Mother’s day gifts:

My attempt at embroidery for my mama.

Making stepping stones with hand prints for the grandmas.

Finger print flower cards for the grandmas with pipe cleaner stems.
My sister and her daughter and Kate.
My cousin, Jody and me
a scene from the skit
(that’s me choking the poor girl who is actually Mrs. Heather, our babysitter)
My sister, Jada and me
( I put it in sepia because the color was off. Really a good picture, huh?)
Becoming a mother has really been the biggest blessing of my life, besides my salvation and marriage. No other job could bring me greater joy. I am so thankful to be a mommy.