laundry~the beast that slays me

Finally, this past summer I was able to paint the laundry room.  I wish I had taken a before picture.  Picture a sky blue tinged in dirty.  There was also a refrigerator in here.  Beside the hot water heater.  I still need to add all the finishing touches.  I also, was waiting until the laundry was actually caught up and everything was clean.  HA!!  It’s real life over here, not Land of the Perfect that you see in blogland.  Who knows when I will get to make it gorgeous, but I have really wanted to show y’all my “system”.

Granted, I might be the only one in all of the land to care…wait, I take that back!  My cousin, Teah, who was my helper then, helped me accomplish this.  SHE will care.  HAHA.

Anyway, back to my “system”.  On the right is the washer, obviously.  But, also on the right are the DIRTY clothes.  I purchased a 3 basket sorting thingy.  You can see it hiding behind the 2 hampers, there.  In goes colors, pinks, and whites.  (Yes, I have an entire load of pinks.  I also have an entire load of blue clothes and brown clothes.  Because those are Brian and my favorite colors to wear.  But, those stay upstairs until washing time.)  Too much?   The white hamper is for dirty towels.


To the left is the dryer.  If there are clothes in baskets, they are clean.  Clean clothes are ALWAYS on the left.


Do you see the closet organizer hanging there?  That was in my closet, I brought it down for organizing the girls clothes as I fold them.  Each girl gets a cube.  I am not sure what else to call it.  But, I tell them to get their clothes out of their cube and put away.  It keeps down the amount to put away each time.  (In theory, anyway.)

I just noticed the laundry coming out to the dryer, as if to attack!

Behind the curtain is the built-in shelves Brian installed.  They are organized in a messy way, I put the curtain up to hide it.  My OCD keeps wanting to rearrange it, so I am hiding it, instead.  The curtain kind of matches.  Who cares, anyway?  It is just a laundry room.  Well, I kind of care.  I spend about an hour a day in here.  I want it to be pretty.

I really like my “system” because once you know it, anyone can go in and take over laundry.  It’s not just my job.  I have a helper.  I like for us to be on the same page.  I am training my girls to do laundry.  They need order and routine.  This totally helps.


Now that I have totally aired my dirty laundry….hahaha….as I look at this picture, I see how grody that floor is.  Something else to put on the list.  In the meantime, though, I think I will put a big rug in there.  Do y’all have any suggestions for the walls?  I want to put words in there….vinyl wall decals.  Like, “laundry, the never-ending story” OR “wash rinse repeat”, my favorite is the Johnny Cash lyrics~ “you gotta know when to fold ’em”.

What say you? What should I do?

a little paint project

I asked Brian if we could paint the guest house for it looked like this.

Ew! Right? Not really. It still cute. It is just raw wood with water stains and mildew loveliness. The walkway was slick with some mildew, also. Not fun after a rain. Well, I guess it would be fun if you were little, but I don’t fancy slipping and sliding then falling on my bum.

We decided to paint the guest house. But, because I was going with a drastic color, Brian told me to get a quote on the house. Everything needs to match, right? So, after lots of back and forth (hahahaha) we were able to get the house painted, as well. I was beyond excited. In the winter months, it starts to look DREARY around here.

Here are the before shots of the house.

It really is a cute house even with the gray. The boring and drab gray. I like gray, don’t get me wrong. I wear it almost daily. That and brown and blue and plum. HA! But, I don’t wear red. My house is red. I don’t wear red. Maybe on Christmas Eve, I will wear a red sweater. I don’t really wear yellow, either. My girls do. they look gorgeous in yellow. Me, not so much. My house? Now, it looks gorgeous in yellow, too.

Doesn’t it? Isn’t it so bright and cheerful? Doesn’t it just make you SMILE?!

Look at the guest house! Gorgeous! It’s like a little play house.

I even stained the walkway after they pressure washed the nasty thing. It looks so good, even with acorns and leaves all over it.

Since it is Autumn, my favorite time of year, I had to put up a new wreath, right? Right? And get pansies, right? My front door and front entrance is gorgeous, now!

Well, at least Kate and I think so. She helped me do all the planting while I made my wreath. She also arranged everything around the front door. I think she has quite an artistic eye.

Well, what do you think? It looks good, doesn’t it? I think it looks even more “me” than before! I love it! Woohoo! I love coming home and walking down the little walkway to the entrance. It is so lovely. It really makes me smile. Now on to the landscaping and the wall! We are going to be working on that in the spring.

Happy Monday!