My favorite time of year! The leaves are beginning to turn into their delicious reds, purples, and yellows. The air is brisk and seems cleaner. Going outside is a delight.

My Autumn sedum is burgundy and gorgeous!

I had bought lettuce in anticipation of eating it in some yummy salads. Sadly, I forgot all about it. It was wilting and so pitiful. So, as part of “school” today we planted it. The girls weren’t really interested in planting it. They were eating their italian ices. We had been outside for awhile and had gotten hot by the time I remembered the lettuce. I just let Genevieve help me plant it instead.

As you can see, she had fun. She loved the feel of the cool potting soil. So much so, she had to taste it. MMMMM. Delicious.

My lettuce is already perking up!

Happy Autumnal (is that a word?) Wednesday!

outdoor wednesday: children’s garden and planter

I would rather be outside or at my sewing machine, if I had a choice. Being outside is just easier these days because the girls can come, too. It is hard to find time at my sewing machine. (Even though I have gotten to get to it some this past week.) The girls love to be outside, too. They wanted to plant their own gardens this year. I let them do almost everything. I broke up the ground with the hoe for them and made some rows, but they did everything else.

We thought it would be fun, if their gardens had signs. So, we asked Daddy to make us one. He cut a board, sanded it, and nailed it to a a small post. I had the girls paint it whatever color they chose. I then painted their names on it. Adorable. The girls thought they were awesome.

Kate’s garden is growing faster than Isabel’s because it gets more sun. Now I know and next year, I hope we can equalize it a bit.

Here are the first few blossoms. So exciting. I think I am more excited about their flowers than they are.

Here they are today. A lot of their flowers are falling over from all the rain, so we cut some of the heavy ones to bring inside. See how tall the sunflowers are? They weren’t supposed to get that tall. Some of them have blooms all the way down the stalk. I can’t wait for all those to bloom. That will be gorgeous. I think sunflowers are my favorite.

Not to be outdone, Mommy had to make something different this year, too. I have pinned on Pinterest, two different topsy turvy planters. I knew I had a pot or two behind the shed, so on one of Brian’s many trips to Lowe’s, I asked him to get me a pole. The wonderful husband that he is, he bought me 2 different ones, so I could choose which one I wanted. So, one day, I painted my pots and put them together on a pole. Actually, you start with the pole in the ground, then the bottom pot, threaded with the pole through the hole. Fill your pot with dirt. Thread the next pot, but tilt it, then fill with dirt. Continue until you get to the top. I used these wave petunias I purchased on clearance, hoping they would wave down the planter. They aren’t waving down it, yet. But, I have hope.

I never really have an original idea. Almost all my ideas are from somewhere else. I will see something, then add my own little flair to it. I have been doing this forever (or so it seems). Pinterest just makes it so much easier to keep track of my ideas. I still bookmark a bunch of other things on my computer…I don’t know why, I should pin those. Maybe I will. Hmmmm. Maybe in my spare time.

Happy Wednesday!

outdoor wednesday: veggie and flower gardens


I know, I know, it isn’t Wednesday. But, Wednesday and Thursday were CRAZY around here. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off both days trying to get the yard and house looking nice for a certain someone who arrived home Thursday night. I really wanted to share with you the yard stuff I have been doing, but I didn’t want Brian to see some of the stuff I have done. I wanted him to be surprised, you know?

First, the vegetable garden:

Here it is when I first planted it, the week of April 17.

Here it is this past week, just 6 weeks later. You can’t really tell in this picture, but there is lots of grass between the rows.

yellow squash
banana peppers
Remember the front flower beds? Here is is before:

My perennials  have begun to grow back here. This is also before I put down the new soil, but after I had raked up all the leaves, mulch and black plastic.

Here it is with organic garden soil and some new perennials. I have also planted lots of zinnias and sunflowers in this bed. They are coming along nicely.

This is along the front. I have added some begonias, coleus, and impatiens for color.

This is Kate and Isabel’s garden. It is doing so well. Every day we see a new sprout of green that gets everyone excited.

Here is a close up of the climbing spinach we planted. We also planted some mammoth sunflowers with it, hoping the spinach will climb the sunflowers. We will see.

Here is their strawberry patch. It is supposed to fruit in June, but I was late in getting them in, so who knows when it will. But, they are looking good, don’t you think?

I planted zinnia and sweet william seeds amongst these peonies so that we would have some color in this bed throughout summer and fall. Zinnia never cease to amaze me. They just GROW with no help at all. I can’t wait until they are in full bloom. It is going to be fun.

Here is the rock wall that is on the other side of of the driveway. I added these sedum, petunias, and other perennials. It looks nice, too. It will look even nicer when they are all in bloom. I even added lots of zinnia to either side of these rocks.

Here is a shot of our morning entertainment. We have really been enjoying my birthday present. Aren’t they cute?

I still have a few other things to finish before I share them with you. But in the meantime….

Have a happy weekend!