new shoes


My sister had given me these shoes last year. I liked them, but I really didn’t like the color. They were the pair of shoes I had in my closet that I tried on most days, but rejected because they just didn’t quite go.

See, Clemson orange, or Tennessee, or wherever that has a bright orange as their color. UGLY!

Well, one day, I thought what if I painted these shoes? If it doesn’t work out, I don’t lose anything. It’s not like it will be wasting a pair of shoes. I have seen all over blogland people paint everything. Including shoes.

So, I did. Cute, huh? Now, if you look closely you can still see some orange. But, all in all I am pleased. I have worn them many more times than I did before.

I only wish I had painted them black. I already have brown sandals. Oh, well. Maybe one day, I will paint them again.

When we were on our vacation, Kate spotted a pair of flip flops that had glittery sea shells on the straps. Oh, how she loved them and wanted them. I looked at them and at the $40 price tag. Thought to myself, I can do this. So, when we got home we scoured Target, Wal-mart AND K-mart for flip flops. Of course, it being the end of August, there was hardly any to be found. We did find boots. Lots and lots of boots. Ugh. We finally found blue ones at K-mart and pink ones at Target.

Daddy knew we were going to be making this project. So, when he was on his sea shell search (say that 5 times) he purposely picked up itty bitty tiny ones. It took a few days of drying time, but we finally got them finished.

I must tell you, the girls did the glitter all on their own. I glued the sea shells onto the straps myself. The girls can’t have all the fun.

Here is Isabel modeling her’s. If you have met Kate, you know why I don’t have a picture of her modeling her pair. They absolutely love these flip flops. We get lots of compliments whenever I let them wear them in public (which is rare….neither one can walk well in flip flops). Which leads me to the thought that I should dress up their flips or other plain play shoes more often. Make things more fun to wear.

Happy shoes!