some homemade goodness

Brian will be home tomorrow.
This year for the girls’ presents I really wanted to either buy used, really cheap, or make them. I have done a little of it all. I am going to show you a few things I have made so far. I am really excited about them. I have seen felt food tutorials all over the internet and have quite a few bookmarked. But my mom gave me a pattern that she picked up for a dollar, so I just used that.
Felt fruit:
2 bananas, an apple, and an orange. I went scavenging in the outside toys and found this tin bucket I am going to wrap it all in. Cute! My bananas might be a little wonky, but I don’t think they will notice. I really like the stem and leaf on the apple.
Brian will be home tomorrow.
Cupcakes with decorations:
I only made 4 cupcakes, because I thought the muffin pan I was going to package them in was for 4. But as you can see it is for 6. So, I need to make 2 more. In the purple envelope is a bunch of different colors of hearts, flowers and butterflies. They all have velcro on them for easy decorating. The cupcakes themselves have velcro, too. The pattern showed the decorations sewed on, but I thought the girls would have more fun decorating them the way they wanted to.
Brian will be home tomorrow.
Bow tie pasta:
I am going to take all the credit for the creativity of this one. I was given these pinking shears a few months ago. In my cutting felt for flowers, I thought how it kind of looked like bow tie pasta. So, I cut up a bunch of little rectangles then tied them all in the middle with thread. A tad bit time consuming, I will admit, but worth it. So cute! Then I made this little bag with the see through window, remembered I had the twine and tad a! Bow tie pasta. But we call it hair bow noo noos (noodles). Hair bow noo noos are the favorite noodle of choice around here.
Now I need to figure out how to make some black olives. The girls love black olives. I want to make some with out sewing….so, if anyone has any ideas please let me know!
Here are a few more things that the girls and I have done this past week.
Brian will be home tomorrow.
Homemade snow globes:
These have been a BIG hit in this house. They were a lot of fun to make. The second picture is a closeup of Mary and baby Jesus. We have an angel, carolers and a snowman. We gave the snowman away last night. I need to make a few more for presents. They are really attached to these. Now I am not exactly sure where I saw this particular idea. It may have been on pinterest or it may have been one of the thousand crafty blogs I follow. Who knows. But, if you want to know how, here is what we did.
Glued our figure to the lid of the jar. Filled the jar with hot water. Added some glitter. Added some glycerin. (We have a  huge jar left over from when we made bubbles.) Screwed the lid on. Flipped over. Some we had too much water and made a mess. Some we had too little water and had to add water. Some we had too much glitter. ETC. It was definitely a learning process. There is no formula to making these perfect. It is all trial and error. Which is how I do everything anyway.
Brian will be home tomorrow.
We finally took our fall tree down from the playroom. We needed to put up our Christmas tree. I picked up a yard of green glitter felt at Hobby Lobby. Who even knew they made such a thing? I was just going to get some green felt, but the glitter looks so sparkly, like lights. I cut a tree shape, eyeballed it, of course. Hot glued and pinned it to the door. The we cut out a bunch of felt ornaments. I just cut out what was ordered. Hearts, bells, birds, looks like we have Easter eggs, pinecones, balls, etc. I had some ribbon that looked like candy canes, so I used it to cut out candy cane shapes. At the end, Kate wanted a star, so we did that, as well. Then we hung her angel up over the tree. She made that angel in children’s church and was so very proud of it.
Then yesterday we finally got the presents under the tree. Just in time for Daddy to come home.
It turned out really cute. If I do say so myself. The garland is bead necklaces hot glued on. I think it really adds some Christmas cheer in the playroom, along with the lights we have strung around the room.
I am going to put a side note in here. I don’t consider myself one of those overachieving moms who goes out of her way to make things just so for her children. I just want to make their lives filled with fun and creativity while they learn new things. I am learning new things all the time. I want to pass that love of learning and doing on to them. I like it when they see mommy can’t do something the first time, and then I figure it out. Or I love it when I hear them playing and they say, “I have an idea!” Because I say that all the time…I am always having ideas that I jot down.
I really just want them to love life. To love living and doing. That is why I do the things that I do. I love it when they say, “My mommy made it.” Because they know that I put in that extra little bit of love to give them whatever it is they have. Instead of just going to buy it at the store. I like it when they see how things are done. For them to make a mess in the kitchen with mommy making dinner or cookies or whatever. To me that is what life being a mommy is all about. What is the point of having these little things running around with you, if you aren’t showing them how to do things? Kate got a sewing machine for her birthday. She loves to sit beside me and “sew” while I sew. It is really great fun for both of us. (Until her needle becomes unthreaded for the 50th time, then she is done. HAHA.)
Anyway, I hope you don’t mind my side note….I just don’t want anyone to think I am bragging about what I do. I just like to show you. I think some of the stuff we do is cool. I mean, half the time, I have no clue what I am doing. I am just winging it. Then when it turns out good, it is exciting. Like the playroom….I still am not completely done redecorating it. But, I have never painted a room for kids before. So, it was all new. And it turned out awesome, if I say so myself. I will show you the complete room when it is finished. I still have some finishing touches I need Brian’s help with.
Did I tell you? Brian will be home tomorrow. Brian will be home tomorrow!
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

happy birthday, Isabel!


Sunday, September 11, we celebrated and remembered something other than what happened in NYC.


She turned 2. My little monkey, who hasn’t been a baby since she was 8 months old and began walking, is officially a toddler. She is a character and a true joy in our lives. She with her hugs and kisses taught me how to be a more loving parent.

Here are a few pictures from her birthday celebration.

It was a simple celebration. Lunch with Grandma and Papa, our babysitter Heather and her husband. Then cake, ice cream and presents with them and Aunt Jada and cousins. Everyone had lots of fun.

Isabel really got bored with opening her presents which was kind of funny. But I had saved the best 2 presents for last. She wasn’t interested in either one of them. So, I unwrapped them for her. We got her a new baby doll, one just like Kate’s. For she loves Kate’s baby and is always taking it. Since giving her new baby, she hasn’t put it down.

She even sleeps with her.

The present that I was most excited about was a handmade one. Made special for her by Mommy. Some call these quiet books, some call them busy books. I call it a quiet book, because that is what my mom called the one she made for me when I was small. Which I still have by the way. The one my mom made is a lot more detailed and has a lot more pages. But I am really thrilled with how mine turned out.

Rather than show you each page individually, I made a little collage for you. The top left picture is the cover. The rest are the pages in order. A buckle, snaps, tying shoes, buttons, overall buckles, velcro, and a zipper.

Isn’t it adorable? I really like it.

But it isn’t nearly as a adorable as my little Isabel. The whole day Sunday, she sang, “happy birthday, Idabelll….!”

I leave you with some more pictures of the birthday girl.


The only thing missing from an otherwise perfect day was a hug from daddy.

Happy birthday, Isabel.