cravings and other such nonsense

Today is the due date. No sign of baby at all.
The one different thing about this pregnancy than the other two has been my cravings. (Hopefully, that means it is a boy.) I craved chocolate ice cream with the girls, with this one it is all things citrus. Key lime pie, mainly, but oranges and pineapples, too. The thing with the oranges, though, I could never figure out an easy way to cut and eat the things. I don’t like peeling the peels off. The skin would get under my nails. YUCK. Then you have all that white stuff, pulp-I guess, surrounding all the good, juicy part. So, I was really excited one day, when I figured out this way to cut my orange and eat it, really easy like.

Cut off the ends.

Cut in half.

Then slice it like this, long ways.

You can, then turn each slice up on it’s end to cut off the stupid white stuff, if needed. Not all slices will need it.

Once you are finished, you enjoy….

The girls and I can eat 2 whole oranges at one sitting. We like the little cutie mandarin oranges, too. But, those are easy to peel. Not stressful at all.

The other thing that I can’t seem to get enough of is Perrier with lemon. Brian introduced this to me about a month ago.

I fill up a tall glass with crushed ice, squeeze the lemon all over the ice, pour the Perrier over the ice. Stir. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Brian says it is an expensive habit. I think I am worth it.


The other thing I can’t stop doing is making these little baby hats out of t-shirts. Look at how cute they are.

I made two with the little knots on top, one plain, and one with cow ears. So easy and so cute! Let me know if you want me to show you how. It is super easy and fun. I made all of these in one afternoon.

Maybe next post will be a picture of my new baby? One can only hope.

baby preparations


I am finally getting around to showing you some of my baby things, I have made. I know it would probably be easier to buy these things, but I sure have enjoyed making them. I have just been sitting around enjoying false labor, sewing, trying not to be too impatient while waiting on this little munchkin to make an appearance. I don’t remember really thinking about the babies, necessarily. I remember worrying about labor. (HA!) But, this one, all I can think about it holding it. I can hardly wait. I can’t wait to find out what gender the baby is, either. I keep thinking it is a boy with curly hair OR a really fat girl. We will see soon enough, I reckon.

Okay, you didn’t come here to read my rambles, today….here are my baby things:

The blanket I made. One side is minky squares, the other is just a quilting cotton that I liked. In hindsight, I wish it was flannel, but oh well. It is still so pretty.

At least, I think so. This was the first time I have ever used satin blanket binding. I did it the “right” way, as opposed to the “cheater” way I bound the blanket I made Brian for Christmas. It turned out so nice. Granted, I had to find a you tube video showing me how, but I did it. Woo hoo!

The next thing I made was this swaddle wrap blanket. I used the teddy bear for the model. He looks happy in it, huh? This is basically just a triangle shaped piece of flannel with ties sewed to the back. I got the pattern from the book One Yard Wonders.

I learned how to use this kind of binding AND how to sew a french seam on this blanket. Brian is a big swaddler of babies. He can make the blanket perfect around that little squirmy baby. I, on the other hand, can’t get it on there good enough to stay. So, since he will be leaving and won’t be around to help me swaddle, this blanket is going to come in handy. I really like the colors, especially the orange, for some reason.

I made a bib to match the swaddle blanket. This was the first time I used piping, the buttonholer on Lucy, and the button threader on Lucy! So exciting to learn new things. The back is a soft brown minky, very luxurious.

Here are the “big sister”shirts I have been stressing about! This picture really isn’t a very flattering one of them, but the girls wanted to pose with them. I even made head bands to match. New baby has a coordinating bib, with brother or sister able to be put on with velcro once we know what it is. I will sew it on permanently later. The girls are so very excited about their new sibling. They are constantly kissing my tummy/baby.

Here is a little bit better of a picture. I used my new Sihouette Cameo that I got for Christmas to cut out the letters and flower. That is why the letters look so professional. *grin*

I covered the wipes box with fabric. Because I am silly. I just used fabric and hot glue.

Here is the baby’s corner. Since I don’t have a dresser, I am using the bottom drawer of the crib for stuff. But I also covered some boxes with coordinating fabric to put on the changing table shelves. They have the baby’s clothes in them. One box even has baby toys. Everything has turned out so very cute. I still have to hang the mobile. Well, Brian does.  I am happy with our little baby corner. Thanks to my sister for letting me use her beautiful crib.

Here I am in all my big belly glory! I cannot believe how huge my tummy is. Let us hope it is all baby and fluid….not the other that will be so hard to get rid of.

Now I am working on presents for the girls to receive when they come to meet the new baby. I am making crayon rolls and new skirts. I bought them each a puzzle, coloring book, and new set of pj’s. I also still want to make the diaper bag before the baby comes. We will see. My due date is for Monday, March 5. I am betting that I go at least another week after. Fun, fun.

pregnancy brain

Does not work as well as non-pregnancy brain or even mommy brain for that matter.  Seriously. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I went to the bathroom. I went to the laundry room to get some chicken out of the freezer for dinner, instead I switched laundry, wiped off the washing machine, and cleaned the dryer lint. Went back into the kitchen and remembered the chicken. Headed back to the laundry room….couldn’t find any chicken in that freezer. Went back into the kitchen to get a glass of water, still not remembering to look for chicken. I think it took about an hour for me to finally look through the freezer for some chicken.
I am supposed to be doing a read-a-long with some other bloggers, but my brain isn’t working well enough to process the information. I just can’t concentrate on serious. I found a book in one of my boxes called Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde and read it instead. Way more entertaining. It is about a girl named Thursday Next who lives in 1985, but in a completely different sort of world than ours. You can jump in and out of books. It is lots of fun. So much so, that I had to get the sequel from the library, Well of Lost Plots. I was looking for it in fiction, but it was in SciFi/Fantasy, if you are interested. Lots of fun. You need to suspend your disbelief while you are reading. Lots of fiction characters come to life. I wholeheartedly suggest you read these books for some mindless fun.I routinely burn dinner or over boil a pot of water. Ugh.

We just celebrated my birthday. I turned 34. Here is a picture of the girls and me on my special day.

Brian made the best steak sandwiches for our dinner. He bought some filet mignon and had the guy shave it. He then cooked it, melted mozzarella on top of that. Cooked up some peppers and onions, then we had it all on a hoagie roll with baked potatoes. Yummy. Even the girls loved it. I made the cake, chocolatey chocolate cake. Delicious.

He got those “happy birthday” candles. Cute, but they melted really quickly. The “h” was almost gone by the time I blew it out. Kate even joined in singing the birthday song with her daddy. It was sweet. I wish I had thought to turn on the video camera. But, alas, my brain is not working.

Brian tried to move the old chicken coop when he first got home. He lifted the handles and it literally fell apart it was so rotten. So, Brian built a new chicken coop. It is very nice and much bigger. It really isn’t moveable like the other one, though. You need two people to move it. Very heavy. It looks so professional. He did a really good job. He used treated lumber for the parts that aren’t painted yet, which is why the paint isn’t finished. You have to wait like 6 weeks or something before you can paint treated lumber. Looks good, though, huh? The chickens seem happy.

I have been meaning to show y’all some of the things I made the girls for Christmas. I haven’t really gotten a picture of everything yet. But I finally got one of Isabel’s dresses. It is a t-shirt dress. Literally. It is made from strips of old t-shirts that I got at a thrift store. They were 50 cents a piece. It is topped with a shirt I got from Wal-mart.

She really likes it. It is all cotton jersey, so it is very comfortable. I think it is adorable. I didn’t hem it because I like the way the t-shirt rolls up on the bottom, making a cute hem by itself. She enjoyed posing the other day before church. Then sister Kate had to get in on the action.

Silly sisters. I love to watch them play together and love each other. It really is precious. I just love being a  mommy. I can’t wait for new baby to come. That is going to be even more fun (and tiring).

Here is a precious moment I captured a few days ago, they are playing baby and mommy.

I only have 4 weeks left to this pregnancy, if all goes according to schedule. Yeah, right. Like that ever happens.

farewell fall


I came across these two pages in a magazine and thought they summed up my feelings of fall, perfectly. I really do love this time of year. The colors of the leaves, the decorations. It always makes me a bit sad to put up my Christmas stuff. Fall is just my favorite. I find winter so dreary and cold.

Even though the first official day of winter isn’t until December 22. I always feel like December 1st is. I don’t do like some and put my tree up the day after thanksgiving. I wait until it is December.

I am excited this year to turn the calendar over to December, though. Now we can begin our countdown for Daddy’s homecoming. When he first left, I was flipping through the calendar….page after page….month after month. I didn’t think December would ever get here. But yet, here it is. Tomorrow. Where has this year gone?

I think we have made the most of our fall. Trips to the apple orchard, playing outside, planting our pansies, putting up our scarecrow. Fall treasure hunts, watching Papa blow all the leaves away. Here are some things I might not have shown you from our fall fun.

Kate’s fall tree shirt
sweet sisters
I’m a scarecrow!
Do you want my boogy?
My hummingbird
Farewell fall….parting is such sweet sorrow.
(I know. I am a dork.)