baby preparations


I am finally getting around to showing you some of my baby things, I have made. I know it would probably be easier to buy these things, but I sure have enjoyed making them. I have just been sitting around enjoying false labor, sewing, trying not to be too impatient while waiting on this little munchkin to make an appearance. I don’t remember really thinking about the babies, necessarily. I remember worrying about labor. (HA!) But, this one, all I can think about it holding it. I can hardly wait. I can’t wait to find out what gender the baby is, either. I keep thinking it is a boy with curly hair OR a really fat girl. We will see soon enough, I reckon.

Okay, you didn’t come here to read my rambles, today….here are my baby things:

The blanket I made. One side is minky squares, the other is just a quilting cotton that I liked. In hindsight, I wish it was flannel, but oh well. It is still so pretty.

At least, I think so. This was the first time I have ever used satin blanket binding. I did it the “right” way, as opposed to the “cheater” way I bound the blanket I made Brian for Christmas. It turned out so nice. Granted, I had to find a you tube video showing me how, but I did it. Woo hoo!

The next thing I made was this swaddle wrap blanket. I used the teddy bear for the model. He looks happy in it, huh? This is basically just a triangle shaped piece of flannel with ties sewed to the back. I got the pattern from the book One Yard Wonders.

I learned how to use this kind of binding AND how to sew a french seam on this blanket. Brian is a big swaddler of babies. He can make the blanket perfect around that little squirmy baby. I, on the other hand, can’t get it on there good enough to stay. So, since he will be leaving and won’t be around to help me swaddle, this blanket is going to come in handy. I really like the colors, especially the orange, for some reason.

I made a bib to match the swaddle blanket. This was the first time I used piping, the buttonholer on Lucy, and the button threader on Lucy! So exciting to learn new things. The back is a soft brown minky, very luxurious.

Here are the “big sister”shirts I have been stressing about! This picture really isn’t a very flattering one of them, but the girls wanted to pose with them. I even made head bands to match. New baby has a coordinating bib, with brother or sister able to be put on with velcro once we know what it is. I will sew it on permanently later. The girls are so very excited about their new sibling. They are constantly kissing my tummy/baby.

Here is a little bit better of a picture. I used my new Sihouette Cameo that I got for Christmas to cut out the letters and flower. That is why the letters look so professional. *grin*

I covered the wipes box with fabric. Because I am silly. I just used fabric and hot glue.

Here is the baby’s corner. Since I don’t have a dresser, I am using the bottom drawer of the crib for stuff. But I also covered some boxes with coordinating fabric to put on the changing table shelves. They have the baby’s clothes in them. One box even has baby toys. Everything has turned out so very cute. I still have to hang the mobile. Well, Brian does.  I am happy with our little baby corner. Thanks to my sister for letting me use her beautiful crib.

Here I am in all my big belly glory! I cannot believe how huge my tummy is. Let us hope it is all baby and fluid….not the other that will be so hard to get rid of.

Now I am working on presents for the girls to receive when they come to meet the new baby. I am making crayon rolls and new skirts. I bought them each a puzzle, coloring book, and new set of pj’s. I also still want to make the diaper bag before the baby comes. We will see. My due date is for Monday, March 5. I am betting that I go at least another week after. Fun, fun.